December 18 - 2013

Management change at ITM Poland.

International Tobacco Machinery Poland Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stanikowski (63) will step down in March, 2014 after 22 years leading ITM Poland.
Andrew joined ITM in 1991, being responsible for starting up ITM Poland. In the past 22 years, ITM Poland has played a significant role in the success story of ITM Group and truly contributed to having become a respected OEM and a leading innovator of the industry.

Leszek Sikora (47) will take over the position as CEO of ITM Poland as of March 1st, 2014.
Leszek started in ITM Poland 1992 as an engineer. He has occupied several positions until becoming member of the ITM Poland Board in 2007. He is very well known in the industry as the father of many successful machines and projects.
He has built a great team of people around him, enabling ITM to become a respected player in the filter manufacturing technology environment with among others the Solaris filter combining platform.

 “After 22 years of leading ITM Poland and making our company play a key role in ITM’s success, I have decided that the time has come to pass on my executive responsibility to the next generation. I will continue to be part of the ITM Family and contribute my years of experience to its future success in a non executive role”, Stanikowski said in the statement.

Arend van der Sluis, Chairman of ITM Group comments:
“We owe a lot to Andrew for what he has done for ITM Group in the past decades. Andrew has truly become an ITM Family member. In the past years, he has matured a nice group of people around him to make sure our company is ready for the next decades, as inevitably the time would come were one needs to think of life after work. When Andrew realized that this capable team was properly taking care of the heritage that he has co-created, he indicated that he wanted to pass on his responsibility to the next generation of people. We are very happy to keep Andrew close to us and to the industry in his advisory role. ITM Group is looking at a very bright future with many more new challenges that will see more great innovative solutions like Solaris, Isis, Delphini and our latest Saturn FIFO buffer. We are fully confident that Leszek and his team will to continue to build and develop our great company.”