ITMGroup: A leading innovator with a passion to serve

The ITMGroup is an innovative and reliable global provider of machinery for the tobacco industry. The group was formed by a Dutch family with a long history in cigar manufacturing. Today, the ITMGroup consists of production sites, regional offices and service centres worldwide. Products manufactured by the ITMGroup cover the entire processing cycle of cigars (SCM), cigarettes (ITM) and other tobacco products (TDC). This includes all stages of production in primary and secondary (including logistics and packing) plus all required after-sales services.

ITM has long been a major player in the market of second-hand tobacco-handling machines. Today, we still supply upgrades for existing machines and integrate existing equipment into production lines wherever this is required to reach an optimal solution. Reducing waste materials and optimizing product quality are main objectives in the design of new machines.

We see ourselves as partners for our customers. Together with them, we find solutions to optimize their production processes and respond to the changing demands of the tobacco market. In cooperation with some of the main players in the industry, we have developed innovative technologies for harm reduction, flexibilization of the production process and traceability. In essence ITMGroup is a leading innovator with a passion to serve the tobacco industry.